During the past weekend, eight Holsteiners placed in World Cup competitions.


*****CSI W Verona (Italy)

Casello by Casall-Carolus I (Herbert Blöcker, Neuendorf)

R.: Ludger Beerbaum (GER)

7th                World Cup competition


Chardonnay by Clarimo-Corrado I (Ernst Uwe Sachau, Bohmstedt)

R.: Max Kühner (A)

8th                World Cup competition


Clarico by Clarimo-Briscar (Richard Meier, Marne)

R.: Gabriele Grassi (ITA)

8th                Jumping class with jump-off


Chiara by Contender-Coronado (Günter Schüder, Bahrenfleth)

R.: Ludger Beerbaum (GER)

10th              Jumping class with jump-off, 1st Accumulator


GK Casper by Canto-Quantum (Manfred Kummetz, Lübeck)

R.: Bertram Allen (IRL)

2nd                Accumulator


Grupo Prom Alandia S by Cormint-Corrado II (Erik Schöning, Sipstorf

R.: Gabriele Grassi (ITA)

10th              Two Phase


H & M Chilli Willi by Casall-Lord (Peter Diedrichsen, Borgsum/Föhr)

R.: Nicola Philippaerts (BEL)

8th                World Cup competition



****CSI W Washington (USA)

Caracho by Cento-Acodetto I (Philip Baumgart, Verden)

R.: Lucy Davis (USA)

7th                Table A, 3rd World Cup competition

Catungee by Contact me-Liatos (ZG Lüders/Meyer, Travenbrück)

R.: Catherine Tyree (USA)

2nd                Accumulator with joker, 8th Table C


Confu by Contact me-Cambridge (Kai Gerken, Lasbek)

R.: Laura Kraut (USA)

5th                Table A, 5th World Cup competition

Cornwall BH by Con Air-Cambridge (Jessica Morgenroth, Krummesse)

R.: Amanda Derbyshire (GB)

4th                Accumulator with joker



**CSI W Osaka (Japan)

Blum Constantin by Con Air-Cardino (ZG Hansen, Haselund)

R.: Kazuteru Kitai (JPN)

8th                World Cup competition

Copperviel by Cardino-Acobat II (Hermann Otto Voss

R.: Shiori Taniguchi (JPN)

7th                World Cup competition


Zimona van de Helle by Crawford-Lord (Hobe Bernhard, Kollmar)

R.: Keiji Honda (JPN)

10th              World Cup competition


*CSI W Hastings (New Zealand)

Lt Holst Andrea by Casall-Lavaletto (Dörte Gerken, Hammoor

R.: Brooke Edgecombe (NZL)

2nd                World Cup competition




***CSI Montpellier (France)
Calder by Casall-Coriano (Jürgen Böge, Bunsoh)

R.: Romain Doguet (CH)

7th                Jumping class with jump-off, 3rd Grand Prix

Casjana by Casall-Landlord (Henning Rathjen, Hohenwestedt)

R.: Agathe Vacher (FR)

10th              Jumping class with jump-off


Star by Singulord Joter-Caretino (August Stucke, Hodorf)

R.: Thierry Rozier (FR)

2nd                Two Phase


***CSI St. Lo (France)

Coco Chanel by Calido I-Jayadeva de Mackinac xx (Konrad Sinn, Hohenaspe)

R.: José Thiry (FR)

2nd                Table C


Troika Denfer by Cassini I-Quidam de Revel (Manfred von Allwörden, Grönwohld)

R.: Alexa Ferrer (FR)

10th              Table A



**CSI Tryon (USA)

Keoki by Catoki-Cassini I (Klaus Kudlinski, Brügge)

R.: David Blake (IRL)

8th                Jumping class with jump-off, 5th Grand Prix



Peter Thomsen celebrated a double victory at the Montelibretti **CIC (Italy), as he won aboard Horseware Nobleman by Nekton-Candillo (Ursula Chojnacki, Stolpe) and took second place with Casino by Casillas-Claudio (Behrend Jacobs, Ostenfeld). Moreover, the Großenwiehe rider placed sixth in the ***CCI with Loucius by Lou Bega-Pasco (Rainer Kasch, Melsdorf).