Dr. Thomas Nissen has been the Holsteiner Verband breeding director for 30 years now.

Emotion was running high in the Holstenhall arena when Holsteiner Verband chairman Thies Beuck thanked a visibly touched breeding director Dr. Nissen for his 30 years of service for the Holsteiner Verband by presenting him with a painting of Holsteiner star sire Casall. “All those years you have always been our loyal and competent contact”, he said, speaking not only on behalf of his predecessors, Breido Count zu Rantzau and Jan Lüneburg, but also all the breeding district chair persons assembled in the hall. Holsteiner breeders owe a lot to Dr. Thomas Nissen, like for example mare performance testing, his campaigning for and commitment to breeding TBs or for introducing linear stallion descriptions. Nationwide, Dr. Thomas Nissen has been involved with modernizing stallion performance testing and adjusting stallion soundness requirements. Dr. Thomas Nissen’s expertise has always been much sought after by the WBFSH (World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses). Along with Norbert Boley, the breeding director has been instrumental for the Holsteiner Verband reorganisation. And last but not least, Dr. Thomas Nissen is always accessible to all Holsteiner breeders, be it on the phone at his office or face to face. “We have great respect for all you have been achieving for us”, Thies Beuck completed.