Last week the second Holsteiner Verband delegate assembly in 2019 was held in Neumünster.

Traditionally, the delegate assembly starts with the report of the chairman. Hinrich Köhlbrandt gave an account on the past seven months since the election of the new board. Through various measures, set objectives like increasing transparency and communication, review of the Verband’s economic position for the future as well as an increased integration of the members of the extended breeding area have already been implemented. In his conclusion the chairman informed about future changes in the course of the upcoming breeding district assemblies: After the short reports of the executive directors there is to be more room for discussion. The topics put up for discussion to be determined beforehand could be as follows: 1. Use of the Elmshorn facility, 2. Adjustment of the admission fee, 3. Development of a new concept for the Elmshorn Holsteiner Horse Days and the Neumüster stallion grading and auction sale.

This was followed by the reports of the executive directors. Dr. Thomas Nissen presented the current figures of the previous breeding year (another increase in the number of registered foals, a very pleasing development). Moreover, he reported on current FN topics (for example new breeding value estimation using FEI data, registration papers I and II, abolition of the minimum grade in the stallion performance test). Norbert Boley gave a review of the 2019 covering season and presented the current stallions (intakes and departures, stallions in sport). Other topics involved the work of the stallion committee and the breeder bonus system established by the stallion keeping. Roland Metz presented the results of the auction sales held in 2019 and stated his intention to visit more stud farms in 2020. Having to settle in at Elmshorn and with a great number of auction sales, he had been unable to do so in 2019.


Report of the Auditor

The auditor W. Lüth had been mandated by the board to assess the economic situation of the Holsteiner Verband (association and affiliated companies). The auditor represented the years 2014 to 2018. All in all, the Verband is based on a solid economic foundation. With the results of the business year 2019 still pending, no final statement on the current economic situation of the Holsteiner Verband could be made.


Reorganisation of the Stallion Grading Committe (Pooling)

Upon request of Pinneberg breeding district it has been discussed to have a committee nominated from a pool carry out the selection of the stallions – from first inspection to stallion grading. The plan is to establish a pool comprising 10 persons elected by the delegate assembly, including two junior judges. The active involvement of the junior judges helps to prepare them for future tasks. Should the delegate assembly held in May agree to this amendment of the articles, the new committee could already come into operation for the licensing of the colts in November.


Amendments to the Articles agreed upon by the Delegate Assembly

The delegates agreed upon the following amendments to the articles:

1. In the future, a delegate prevented from attending the delegate assembly in person and with no substitute delegate to stand in may confer their voting rights to another delegate from the same breeding district (proxy). A proxy may represent one other delegate at most. For voting by proxy to become effective, the chairman must be informed in advance (authority in writing).


2. In the future, registration papers I and II are issued by the Verband:

Registration papers II are to replace the previous birth certificate issued for Holsteiner horses with a sire/dam not registered into stallion book I/ studbook I for mares. In the future, horses with registration papers II are eligible for competition in sport at all levels, as well as at the National Young Horse Championships. The horse passports are identical, except for the designation on the parent’s registration status in the pedigree and in section V. Horses with registration papers II are not (yet) eligible for stallion grading!


Find all amendments to the articles on the yellow pages in the February issue of Pferd+Sport magazine.


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Photo: Traditionally, the delegate assembly starts with the report of the chairman