The user interface to the "Holsteiner Pedigrees" database has now been translated and is available for use on the website of the Holsteiner Verband.

 How to get to the database “Holsteiner Pedigrees” on our website?

On the start page, you can use the "Jetzt Holsteiner Pedigrees suchen" button to search for a horse with the help of the life number, breed or sports name. The database offers the opportunity to search online for the pedigree of Holsteiner horses and horses registered with the Holsteiner Verband. Additional information about the horses can also be found in the database "Holsteiner Pedigrees".

Please note that the database and the user interface are in a continuous supplementary process! The pedigrees of older horses (birth year before 1970) are not yet fully recorded in the database. The office of the Holsteiner Verband in Kiel (+49 (0) 431- 305 996 2) is working to supplement the information from the old, hand-written Holsteiner Studbook in the database.


The database "Holsteiner Pedigrees" was developed as part of the project "Implementation of new sustainable strategies to promote equine health". The project is funded by the EU within the framework of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP Agri) and the country program for rural areas of Schleswig-Holstein (LPLR). EIP Agri aims to bring sustainability and efficiency to agriculture. Each project is leaded by an Operational Group (OG). In it, farmers, scientists, consultants, NGOs and business partners work together. You can find more detailed information about the project of the OG "Pferdegesundheit" here.