Two Holsteiners were placed at the London leg of the Global Champions Tour, Casello and H & M Chilli Willi.


GCT London (Great Britain)

Casello by Casall-Carolus I (Herbert Blöcker, Neuendorf)

R.: Ludger Beerbaum (GER)

3rd                GCT competition


Catwalk by Colman-Corleone (Lothar Völz, Wöhrden)

R.: Robert Whitaker (GB)

7th                competition with jump-off


Chaplini by Cassin-Corleone (Lothar Völz, Wöhrden)

R.: Robert Whitaker (GB)

7th                Table A


Cochello by Casall-Cartani (Reimer Hennings, Bendorf)

R.: Piergiorgio Bucci (ITA)

3rd                Table A



Cynar VA by Clarimo-Alcatraz (Manfred von Allwörden, Grönwohld)

R.: Lorenzo di Luca (ITA)

9th                Table A



H & M Chilli Willi by Casall-Lord (Peter Diedrichsen, Borgsum/Föhr)

R.: Nicola Philippaerts (BEL)

8th                Table A, 8th GCT competition



***CSI Dinard (France)


Bali by Cancara-Landucci (Kerstin Petersen-Rolfs, Norderwöhrden)

R.: Janne-Friederike Meyer-Zimmermann (GER)

10th              Table A, 10th Derby



Contano by Contendro II-Carthago (Wulf-Hinrich Haman, Delingsdorf)

R.: Yannick Gaillot (FR)

9th                Table A



Cristallo A LM by Casall-Corofino I (Arthur Arp, Schmalensee)

R.: Philippe Rozier (FR)

5th                Two Phase





****CSI Ommen (Netherlands)

Carsten S by Cassini II-Quinar (Witt Pferdezucht GbR, Wellinghusen)

R.: Jamie Gornall (GB)

2nd                jumping competition with winning round



Conrato by Caretino-Quinar (Margit Petersen, Sollwitt)

R.: Hikari Yoshizwawa (JPN)

5th                Two Phase,  7th Table A



Callas by Casall-Coriano (Jürgen Böge, Bunsoh)

R.: Hikari Yoshizawa (JPN)

5th                competition with jump-off



Zarin by Clarence I-Concerto II (Ulrike Behr, Borgwedel)

R.: Jesse Luther (GER)

5th Table A




***CSI Beervelde (Belgium)

Cataleya by Cachas-Cassini II (ZG Redderberg, Ahrensbök)

R.: Thibault Philippaerts (BEL)

1st                Accumulator, 10th Two Phase



Cochella by Cartani-Lord (Karsten Voss, Heinkenborstel)

R.: Angelie von Essen (SWE)

5th                Accumulator




Fernando by For Pleasure-Corrado I (Jürgen Hattebuhr, Winsen)

R.: Johnny Pals (NL)

4th                grand prix




GCT Berlin (Germany)

Calder by Casall-Coriano (Jürgen Böge, Bunsoh)

R.: Romain Duguet (SUI)

7th                Table A



Crunch by Clarimo-Canturo (Miriam Kühl, Broderstorf)

R.: Rolf-Göran Bengtsson (SWE)

10th              Two Phase,  5th competition with jump-off



Lorenzo by Landos-Limbus (Hans-Thomas Carstensen, Sollwitt)

R.: Kevin Staut (FR)

6th                GCT competition



Zuckersüss D’Argilla by Casall-Cassini II (Jens Ritters, Krumstedt)

R.: Holger Wulschner (GER)

3rd                Table A




*****CSIO Hickstead (Great Britain)

Can Ya Mekan by Canturo-Fier du Lui ( Gerald Lenaerts, B-Peer)

R.: Shane Breen (IRL)

7th                Table A, 1st Table C



Deauville S by Diamant de Semilly-Lux (Julius Peter Sinnack, Bocholt)

R.: Laura Kraut (USA)

8th                Two Phase




*CSI-W Caboolture Qld (Australia)


Diamont by Diamant de Semilly-Caletto I (Manfred von Allwörden, Grönwohld)

R.: Thomas McDermont (AUS)

7th                World Cup jumping competition



***CSI Lier (Belgium)

Belladonna by Clearway-Carinjo (Gerhard Roerink, NL-Haaksbergen)

R.: Janine Rijkens (GER)

6th                Table A, 7th Two Phase



Cadenza by Casall-Corrado I (Johann Peter Lass, Leck)

R.: Philip Spivey (GB)

4th                Table A



Cantaro by Casiro I-Cantus (Christiane Kuhn, Eggstedt)

R.: Gilles Thomas (BEL)

7th                grand prix



Captain Carlos by Corrado I-Acobat II (Annette Köhlbrandt, Fehmarn)

R.: Maximilian Lill (GER)

7th                competition with jump-off



Caretina by Caretino-Corofino I (Erhard Gottschalk, Burg)

R.: Gilles Thomas (BEL)

1st                Two Phase, 5th Table C



Chaconne by Clearway-Coriano (Klaus Möller, Beldorf)

R.: Daisy Polspoel (BEL)

4th                competition with jump-off



Chin Champ by Chin Chin-Carvallo (Gerhard Roerink, NL-Haaksbergen)

R.: Louise Losfeld (BEL)

3rd                competition with jump-off



Coco Chanel by Calido I-Jayadeva de Mackinac X (Konrad Sinn, Hohenaspe)

R.: José Thiry (BEL)

8th                Two Phase, 3rd Two Phase, 3rd Table C



Verdico Imperio Egipico by Verdi-Capitol I (Jens Kvist, DK-Gram)

R.: Ana Eliza Aguiar Ramos (BRA)

10th              competition with jump-off





The ***CCI Tamborine Qld (Australia) saw Lansina CM by Landos-Ahorn Z (Bernd Carstensen-Möller, Langstedt)  and Rachael Le (AUS) take third place. No Excuse by Nekton-Barnaul xx (Timm Rohwedder, Eggstedt), ridden by Rosalind Canter (GB) finished eighth in the ***CIC Burgham (GB).  Waikiki by Quinar-Cassini I (Hans Thomsen, Hörup) took fifth place in the Sahrendorf **CIC with Louise Svensson-Jähde (Sweden), Dajara by Carrico-Caretino and Dirk Schrade (GER) finished on ninth position. In Cappoquin (Ireland), Ascona M by Cassaro-Carpaccio (Karl-Jochen Maas, Südermarsch) and Tim Price (NZL) finished third in the ***CCI.